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28Mortgage Calculator


Mortgage Calculator is a simple tool that helps you to calculate your monthly mortgage payment. All you need is to fill in the property price, mortgage amount, interest rate and loan tenor

The reference interest rate of Prime Rate Based Mortgage Plan is the Prime Rate, and the prime rate of larger banks, such as HSBC, Hang Seng Bank and Bank of China, is 5% while most other banks are 5.25%. The Prime Rate is also adjusted from time to time, but the frequency of adjustment is relatively infrequent. The last time HSBC adjusted this rate was in 2008, and it has remained at this level since. Even though the US has raised interest rates several times, Hong Kong banks have not raised their prime rate.
HIBOR based mortgage plan is based on the Hong Kong Interbank Offered Rate (HIBOR), the fluctuation is relatively larger. If you choose a HIBOR based mortgage plan, there will be a capped upper limit. For example, a person's mortgage rate plan is H+1.5%, and the upper limit may be P (5%) -2.5% = 2.5%, even if the HIBOR rate goes as high as 1.5%, you will only be paying 2.5% unless the banks adjust their Prime Rate.
For mortgagors in Hong Kong, the choice of HIBOR based mortgage plan and Prime rate based mortgage plan mainly depends on whichever has a lower interest rate. According to Zhitong Finance, currently in the Hong Kong market, the average real interest rate of HIBOR based mortgage plans is 1.77%, and the actual interest rate of Prime rate based mortgage plans is 2.5%. Due to the interest margin, H-press has become the mainstream, accounting for more than 90%, but this ratio will change at any time due to factors such as interest rate changes.

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